Maciej Makałowski
Born: Poznań, Poland 1985

Certification in UI/UX Design with specialization in motion design: CareerFoundry, Berlin, Germany 2022
Post-Bachelor Graphic Design: Collegium da Vinci, Poznań, Poland 2020
MFA Painting: San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA 2011
BFA Painting: Penn State University, University Park, PA 2008
BA Political Science: Penn State University, University Park, PA 2008

Resides and works in Berlin, Germany.

Previously resided in Poznań, Poland / Montreal, Canada / Bethesda, MD /
University Park, PA / Long Beach, CA / San Francisco, CA

Whether they are based on screenshots from youtube, quotes from songs and books, or old family photos, Maciej's projects focus on ideas of re-appropriation, decontextualization, collage, and the creation of new narratives from old source material - cutting up, mixing up, and reconstructing it in order to reflect on the misleading nature of human memory, politics, history, media, and pop culture.

Founder of Obsidian Order Records based in Berlin, Germany.
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